Do you like to grow Hostas? Read about how to get the best out of your Hostas here.


Most Hostas prefer to grow in a moisture retentive soil in shade. Hosta varieties with thicker, waxier leaves are more tolerant of drier soils.


Some Hostas are sun tolerant eg. Hostas ‘Honeybells’, ‘Dixie Chick’,  Hosta plantaginea, ‘Blue Umbrella’, ‘Sum & Substance’, ‘Blue Mouse Ears’, ‘Pandora’s Box’ & ‘Miniature’.


Hosta varieties that are dark hued with greenish/blue leaves are best for shade. Hostas with yellow leaves grow best in more sun.


Definitions of shade

  • Partial shade – An area of the garden that receives sunlight for only part of the day – about 3-6 hours daily.
  • Dappled shade – Where branches & leaves of deciduous trees block out some but not all sunlight. Plants in dappled shade usually get about 3 hours of sunlight daily.
  • Full shade – An area that gets practically no sunlight at all. Full shade areas are common underneath conifers or where a northern wall or tall structure blocks out all the sunlight for the entire day.
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