Combination Planting

Combination Planting
Combination planting for  large or small containers in shade. Remember to check for watering, daily in warmer weather, as even plants in shade dry out especially if it’s windy.
Please check on our website for details of varieties, sizes & growing conditions-www.Caths Garden
  • Architectural effect-Acer palmatum, Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’, Fern & Heuchera, Heucherella or Tiarella.
  • Dramatic foliage no flowers- Play with texture, mix & match glossy with matte foliage. Select from Carex (grass), Hakonechloa (grass with golden foliage), Fern, Heuchera, Heucherella or Tiarella (summer flowering but flowers can be removed), Ivy-green, golden or variegated, leaves can trail over the edges of your container or Sempervivums – either one variety or a mixture for all year round interest.
  • Flower & foliage – Geranium (short/compact varieties-summer flowering), Fern, Brunnera (spring flowering) or Pulmonaria (spring flowering) plus bulbs (snowdrops, Colchichicum & other bulbs, Cyclamen (flower & attractive foliage). A pot of various bulbs or a mixed planting with any of the plants mentioned plus bulbs.
  • Specimen plant – Plenty of plants to choose from- Acer (Japanese maple) provides interest in spring, summer & autumn. Hosta (lots of choice, select for colour, size (large, medium or miniature leaf sizes), texture or flower. Fern – wide variety of sizes, leaf shapes & textures. Grass- select for size, height, colour & flower (seed) heads, Heuchera or an individual shrub or small tree.
  • Group planting – Group pots together & repeat the planting in each container. Use 3 or more plants to create an array of colours, shapes & textures. Pots can be different sizes & heights but using the same planting scheme makes a cohesive picture. Grouping containers together can also create a lush effect.
  • Vertical planting – Attach a half-round basket to a wall or fence. Plant up with smaller growing perennials for long interest display.
  • Butterfly & pollinator container – You’ll be spoilt for choice with this container. Stick to a colour theme (cool or hot colours) or plant a mixture of your choice. Early flowering plants are a boon to insects when there is little food around. Think about plants flowering at different times to provide food over a long period if possible.
  • Plant an evergreen container – Place this container near a door so that you get benefit from it even in mid-winter. You could plant an evergreen shrub or small tree plus a hedera helix variety in green, golden or a variegated form. Some grasses are evergreen & would add a different spiky texture.
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