Benefits of using old tea bags

Benefits of using old tea bags
The benefits of using used tea bags in other capacities.
  • Composting – Used tea bags speed up the composting process allowing you to use your compost much sooner. You need to check that the actual bag is compostable. Tea bags made from polypropylene will not decompose. These tea bag covers need to be put in your waste bin but they can be emptied & the used tea leaves can be composted. If the used bag feels slippery it is not compostable, it is made from polypropylene. If the tea bag cover is not made from polypropylene it can be composted because worms, bacteria & other microorganisms will break it down easily making the compost more organic.
  • Used tea bags can be used in the bottom of plant pots or seed trays. They can cover the drainage holes to stop the compost from running out. The tea bags will also help to keep the roots moist by retaining some water.
  • Use on your body- Rubbing the tea bags on your hands will remove the smell of garlic, onions, ginger & even fish! The remaining components in the dried leaves can neutralize bad foot odours, soften calluses, help heal wounds faster & can nourish any dry skin. Add cooled used tea bag water to your bath water to have an antioxidant bath. It doesn’t matter whether it’s weak or strong tea as it will still contain sufficient antioxidants for your skin.
  • The herbal components of teas also hold anti-inflammatory properties. They can help to reduce the skin inflammation of sunburned skin, stings, wounds & bruises or heal razor burns.
  • They can also be used to remove dark circles under the eyes, relax tired eyes or soothe irritated skin.
  • Use on the lawn – The quality of your lawn depends on various things such as where you live, the weather, watering & even the garden’s own ecosystem. Also what kind of trees & plants are planted around the lawn & how you take care of them &which insects are lured into your garden.
  • Use the tea bags to repair bare patches on the lawn – The tea bags can hold moisture & provide organic matter for increased drainage & maintained soil structure. They can be used to repair bare patches. Place a wet used tea bag on the bare patch & sow with grass seed. The tea bag will gradually decompose & the grass seed will grow. The grass seed can also be soaked in liquid composted tea before sowing.
  • On plants – Dig a tea bag into the soil near a plant. This will provide a natural fertilizer. AS the bag decomposes it will emit nutrients such as nitrogen making the soil around the plant nitrogen rich. It works even better if the tea bag is dug in close to the plant roots. Sprinkle used tea leaves around the garden (green method). This limits weed growth. It works especially well if used near a vegetable patch.
  • Acid loving plants – Black tea, white tea, green tea & oolong tea all contain tea tannic acid. This gives some tea an astringent & slightly bitter taste. Leave the tea bags in the water overnight. Remove the tea bags & use the brewed tea to invigorate some plant growth. The tannins help to lower the soil pH to become ideal for acid loving plants. Use this ‘brew’ to water acid loving plants eg. azaleas, ferns & hydrangeas. This ‘brew’ also contains potassium & phostrogen which plants need. DO NOT USE TEA THAT HAS BEEN MIXED WITH SUGAR OR CREAM!
  • Attract earthworms – earthworms are extremely beneficial to any garden. Black & chamomile teas can help to fight fungus. Some maggots have positive benefits & are crucial to a garden’s ecosystem. However, root maggots cause damage to vegetables. Add slowly so that you don’t make contact with the roots. This is an organic control.
  • Dry tea bags – Take out the dry leaves. Crush some iron pills into a powder & mix with the tea leaves before adding water to them. Add approximately 500 ml (17 fl. oz) of boiling water. Let it brew until all the powder has dissolved. Pour this mixture onto the soil. It can be used on house plants, outdoor plants in pots or on any garden plant. After a few weeks you should see increased vigour in the plant. It should flower quicker & just look more healthy overall.
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