Eryngium 'Magical Symphony' (Sea holly)

Eryngium 'Magical Symphony' is a hardy perennial ideal for a sunny, well-drained position. It has an unusual sculptural appearance & produces clusters of bright green flower heads from early summer. Each flower head turns blue at a different rate over the course of summer. The contrast of the two colours on one plant is striking. The foliage also appears in two forms. Rounded, toothed, dark green leaves form at the base then spiny, blue tinted leaves appear higher up the stem. The small domes of flowers appear with a ruff of narrow blue-green bracts. The flowers are excellent for drying or can be left on the plant for winter interest. It can tolerate drought because it has deep tap roots. However it can't tolerate winter wet to fully thrive so will need some protection. Try to plant it in the rain shadow of a wall, tree or shrub. Grows best in dry, well-drained poor to moderately fertile soil in full sun. Grows to approx. 75 cm x 40 cm.

2 litre pot


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