Dierama dracomontanum syn. pumilum

Dierama dracomontanum is a slow growing summer flowering plant from South Africa.  Pink,trumpet-shaped flowers are produced from July-September over green grass-like foliage.  Approx. 60cm tall.  Foliage is evergreen.  Good growing near ponds and water or in your border.  Likes to be moist in summer when in growth but drier in winter.  Does not like root disturbance so leave alone once planted.

  • Annuals: Perennial
  • Architectural: Yes
  • Common Name: Angel's Fishing Rods,angel's fishing rods,Wandflower,wandflower
  • Deciduous: Evergreen
  • Features: good near water
  • Flower Colour: pink
  • Foliage Colour: green
  • Genus: Dierama
  • Species: dracomontanum


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