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Pruning shrubs in spring

Pruning shrubs in spring
Unsure which shrubs to prune at this time of year?
Remembering which of your shrubs need pruning when is not always easy especially with so many other things to remember these days.  The best way to remember which shrubs to prune is to remember a short phrase.  Any shrubs that bloom later in the year (afterJune/July) can be pruned in spring.

Shrubs that bloom earlier in the year (before June) should be pruned in the autumn if they need to be pruned.  It is best to keep on top of shrub pruning rather than wait until the shrubs have grown too large for their allotted space.  Some shrubs do not like hard pruning.  If a shrub has become too large then it is often better to prune it back over 2-3 years and prune half or a third each year.  The shrub will then have more chance of recovery and less chance of dying.

If you prune your shrubs regularly in this way you are also able to keep them of a reasonable height all the time rather than losing all that growth and feeling as though you are starting from scratch again with a young plant.  You can also make use of any longer prunings around any taller herbaceous perennials.  If supports are put into place earlier rather than later they are often disguised by the new plant growth. Image right Osmanthus burkwoodii.

Happy pruning.   Cath