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Care for Paeonias

This page will teach you about how to plant and care for your paeonia
Peonies always come into their own in any garden in early summer with their showy flowers. They are a must in any cottage garden or herbaceous border.

Peonies are divided into five flowering groups from very early flowering in May, to late flowering in end of June, early July and so can be planted to form a succession of colour over the early summer.
They can also be used as cut flowers if they are cut when just starting to show colour. 

Peonies like good soil and a sunny position in your garden. When planting out of a pot the plant should be planted at the same depth in the ground as it has been in the pot eg. the surface of the plant in the pot should be level with the soil surface.  Peonies do not like to be planted deeply. If they are planted too deeply then they grow foliage wonderfully but do not flower. Peonies will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions as long as they are not too wet or too dry.

If planting bare rooted in October then the nodules or shoots that can just be seen should be planted about one to two inches under the soil surface. Dig a good sized hole and work in some good compost or well rotted manure to the bottom of the hole before planting. Give plants plenty of space to develop. 

If you have plants in your garden that no longer flower then they could now be too deep under the soil surface.  With the fashion of mulching borders with bark etc. these days the plants can get buried deeper and deeper.  If this has happened to your plant then wait until October and carefully dig up your peony.  Replant as for new peonies. Peonies should also be divided at this time of year, should you wish to.
Whenever you plant make sure your water it well after planting and in any dry spells in the summer. A feed with a high potash fertiliser in late summer is beneficial.