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AGM - What does it mean?

AGM - What does it mean?
Why give a plant an AGM?
Many plants now have the initials AGM after their name.  You may not know what this means.  I recently came across a succint explanation and thought that it might be useful.  Just some words of caution however.  I do not think that it would be wise to restrict your plant choices to only those with AGM after their names because these plants are trialled at Wisley usually and we are all aware, if we live north of Birmingham, that our climate is markedly different. 

Also, many newly introduced plants will not have had the opportunity to be trialled as trialls tend to be focussed on a certain genus of plants at any one time and if a plant misses this slot then it may be some time before it comes round again.  Having made these comments however, I would say that plants given an AGM are usually exceptionally garden worthy plants and so well worth giving special consideration to whether you are anexperienced or novice gardener.

In fact I have just been looking through the RHS Plant Finder of over 70,000 plants and have realised that in fact very few plants have AGM after their name.  I think that one of the best ways to buy good plants for your garden is to ask the grower as like us, most of them are very happy to advise you.

Extract from 'The Gardener's Companion' by Think Publishing:-

The RHS Award of Garden Merit or AGM recognises 'plants of excellence' in gardens.  Awards are either made after a trial at Wisley or by recommendation from a panel of experts.  Any type of plant, fruit or vegetable can be given the award.

The plant should:
1) Be suitable for ordinary garden use (either in the open or under glass)
2) Be of good constitution
3) Be available in the horticultural trade or available for propagation

The plant should not:
1) Be susceptible to any pest or disease
2) Require highly specialised care other than the provision of appropriate growing conditions (eg. lime-free soil when required)
3) Be subject to an unreasonable degree of reversion in its vegetative or floral categories

However, I don't always manage to put AGM on my plant labels as I would have to look all the labels up rather than just rely on Bob's knowledge.  Although I call him 'the man that knows' he doesn't know all the AGM plants off by heart.  Therefore please ask if you wish to know and we will happily look it up for you.