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We are happy to advise all our visitors on the suitability of specific plants for differing and sometimes the more difficult areas of your garden.  We can also provide lists of plants that are most suitable for certain garden areas for you to read and take away.

If you would like more detailed help and advice then Bob is available.  He has been planting, designing and landscaping a wide range of gardens, from large to small, for over 50 years.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the best plants to grow in this area of the country and areas further away and he is very happy to give advice.  As Bob is not always at the nursery (he is still landscaping one or two days at present and is always away when we are building our show displays) it is best to ring first to check if he is available. 

If you would particularly like his more detailed advice then it is best to ring first to check his availability.
To find contact details, click here.

Below you will find tips and advice from expert gardeners with invaluable experience and knowhow.

This page will teach you about how to plant and care for your paeonia

Care of Epimediums.
Now is a good time to look at your Epimediums.

Dealing with slugs and snails
How can you protect your plants from slug and snail damage organically?

What is the Chelsea Chop?
When to safely cut back herbaceous plants that are too tall for your garden

Pruning shrubs in spring
Unsure which shrubs to prune at this time of year?

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