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Gardening Scotland this week

Gardening Scotland this week
Getting ready for our next show
The first van was loaded yesterday and Bob and Rachel set off for Edinburgh so that they could get an early start on the display this morning.  All the Danish trolleys had been loaded yesterday so it was quite quick to load the second van that Phil was driving up to Edinburgh for us.  It woul;d have been even quicker if the van didn't have a battery that was almost flat!  Image opposite Lychnis 'White Robin' will feature on our display.  A beuty for a natural looking effect, great for insects.

Luckily another exhibitor had a battery charger on the showground as the tail lift stopped working with two trolleys left to unload.  Such are the hiccups that arise during shows.  Most of the exhibiting fraternity are a helpful bunch of people always willing to lend a hand to help each other sort out problems.

Our early Paeonias are flowering beautifully for the show and should hold well as the weather has cooled down again today.  Paeonia 'America' image left is one of the Paeonias new to us this year that will be available at the show.  The heavy showers didn't affect us too much as we had managed to load all the plants onto the trolleys and store them in the potting shed while it was still dry.  Once the trolleys are in the shed however there isn't room for anyone to make a cup of tea!

Bob and Rachel have been working hard today and tell me that they have managed to complete four fifths of the display.  I am leaving early in the morning to join them for a couple of days but I need to man the nursery on Sunday.  I hope that we have a great show as we haven't attended Gardening Scotland for about 5 years.  I hope lots on lovely customers have a chat to us.
Posted: 28/05/2014 19:35:55 by Catherine Sanderson