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Our Blog » Bob's accident leads to changing roles in the nursery

Bob's accident leads to changing roles in the nursery

Why have the roles changed?
Unfortunately Bob's hand has been in a plaster cast after he slipped with a saw and cut his finger through into a tendon.  He has been wearing a plaster cast after the operation even though he was back in the nursery lifting things with one hand 3 hrs later!  As we were exhibiting at Harrogate Spring Flower Show it probably couldn't have happened at a worse time.

Another driver was found for the hire van and extra help called in for the break down of the display on Sunday.  I was exhausted after doing all the driving back and forth to Harrogate daily and so was pleased to stay in the nursery on Sunday.

As Bob is unable to pot up plants with one hand he has swapped jobs with Andrew as our later flowering plants are now ready for potting up.  Bob is just about able to serve the customers, even managing to lift large bags of compost with one hand, but they sometimes have to help by opening the carrier bags for him.  He likes to be independent and so accepts help only when absolutely necessary.  As they say 'aacidents can happen' and it was a genuine accident.  Glad he was just using a hand saw and not a chain saw!!!
Posted: 02/05/2014 13:30:31 by Catherine Sanderson