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LIfe at the nursery in early March
Even though we have had snow, hail and rain this week with glimpses of sun, when the sun is shining it warms up quickly in the tunnel and greenhouse.  The nursery is looking very tidy with most of the plants cleaned up after the worst of the winter weather.  It is great to see new growth beginning in the pots making us feel as though spring is really just around the corner.

All our varieties of Primulas/Primroses are looking good with the Bellarina types flowering profusely.  They havebuds showing and so will give weeks of colour providing they are regularly deadheaded.  Many plants are being split and potting is ongoing so that plants will be well rooted in before we put them out for sale.

Lots of birds are enjoying the bird food that we put out for them.  Sometimes it is hard to keep the bird feeders filled up they are so hungry.

Syntheris missourica is flowering beautifully at the moment with upright stems of rich blue-purple flowers.  As it matures and clumps up it makes a stunning addition to a shady spot (image right) and is a more unusual plant to create a talking point with any visitors.

We will be busy in the next few weeks packing and sending out our Barnhaven primrose orders.  These are such wonderful plants with such a range of colours from pastels to vibrants that there is a variety for everyone.  Provided that they are lifted and split every few years to renew their vigour they are extremely long lived and certainly a 'value for money' addition to any garden.
Posted: 04/03/2015 15:15:05 by Catherine Sanderson