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Colour through the year
Bob is giving a talk this afternoon entitled 'Colour throughout the Year.'  This is a super talk divided into section for the 4 seasons - spring, summer, autumn & winter.  It is important to encourage people to think about their gardens all year round.  You don't need to be out gardening all year round to enjoy the fruits of your labours.  By planting a variety of shrubs, small trees, ferns, grasses etc you can enjoy colur and interest all year round.  Think of berries, autumn leaf colour, beautiful bark, grass seed heads etc.
Spring - a lovely season that makes me smile when I see all the spring bulbs and flowers open their beautiful flowers.  Always clean and fresh looking and lots for that shady part of your garden or border at this time of year.  Image left is a small flowering cherry Prunus 'Kojo-no-Mai'.  The one is our garden is beautiful at the moment, absolutely covered in white flowers.  
Summer - an easier time of year as there is an abundance to choose from for all types of soil and sun or shade.  Lots of summer flowering plants do tend to be taller growing so if buying new plants read the label carefully to check size when plants are mature. Image right is Agastache 'Heatwave' a herbaceous perennial that loves sun and good drainage.  Great insect plant with abundant flowers and aromatic foliage.  Agastaches come with blue, pink, apricot and yellow tubular flowers and will grow in your border or in a container.
Autumn - make the most of grasses in the garden as they come into their own with their beautiful flowerheads that sway in the breeze.  They add another dimension to your garden at this time of year.  Sedums are also great to give extended colour and also attract insects in abundance.  Image left Sedum 'Mr Goodbud'
Winter - as well as wonderful bark on tree trunks plant some of the wonderful winter flowering shrubs that have perfumed flowers.  Plant these smaller shrubs in pots and stand them near your door to enjoy on gloomy winter days when the sky is grey!  Image left Sarcococca humilis - cut a few stems and perfume your room.
Posted: 25/03/2014 12:59:36 by Catherine Sanderson