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Welcome rain

Welcome rain
It is unusual for me to want the rain but it is welcome today
Normally I don't want rain especially during the daytime.  Today I am actually quite pleased that it is raining although I would, given the choice, just prefer it to keep raining overnight and be fine during the day.  Many plants in the nursery just don't seem to be wanting to do much growing yet even though the weather has been much warmer over the last few days.

Bob and I have been discussing this fact and have come to the conclusion that some rain is needed.  Plants work to their timetables, rather like we do, and they need the rain as well as the warmer weather to realise that spring has come and it's time for them to start to grow.

I hope that during the coming week the nursery tunnel and greenhouse have that growing smell that I associate with the early season as so far it has eluded us.  The benefit of the slow start to the season has been that many of the plants already flowering have given us a long period of colour.  Our Hamamelis has only just finished flowering and it has literally been flowering for weeks.  Our Mahonia is starting to show colour now although as usual a lot of the leaves have got badly scorched.
Posted: 20/03/2010 13:50:01 by Catherine Sanderson