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Colour in your garden or a gift for Easter

Colour in your garden or a gift for Easter
What plants can provide colour and interest in your garden now or be given as a gift for Easter?
Thank goodness for Barnhaven primroses.  They are looking superb at the moment with their colourful flowers.  The colour range is so wide that there is a colour for any garden whether pastel or bright.  These plants are extremely hardy varieties and garden worthy lasting many years only needing to be split every two or three years to remain vigorous.  Best planted in sun or shade in any reasonable soil. 

Easily grown in a wide range of situations from border to container, raised bed or rockery, even in a window box on your windowsill so that you don't even have to go outside to enjoy the attractive, colourful flowers.  If you keep deadheading them they will also flower for quite a few weeks and depending on the weather may also repeat flower in autumn.  Whilst you are deadheading it is also a good idea to remove any foliage that might be starting to look marked or starting to look unsightly, especially some of the underneath leaves. 

As Easter is approaching, these plants also make ideal gifts either as individual plants or planted as a group in a pot container.  They will last for far longer than the bedding varieties on sale in the supermarkets and garden centres and so will be far more memorable to the recipient.  If you wish to bring in a container we will be happy to plant up your arrangement.

Posted: 18/03/2010 12:36:40 by Catherine Sanderson