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Our Blog » At last I can see the plants growing!

At last I can see the plants growing!

At last I can see the plants growing!
The rain that I was wishing for last week has done a good job - plants are starting to grow at last.
Last week when I wrote this blog I was wishing for rain.  That is not something that I need to do usually living in the north of England.  Even though we had been having some warmer, sunnier weather very few plants seemed to be making much growth.  Bob and I decided that the plants needed some rain to let them know that spring had arrived at last.

Well, the rain arrived last week and now the plants are starting to grow.  I love looking at the new growth early in the year when everything looks clean and fresh.  The shoots of Dicentra spectabilis 'Alba' with their bright light green foliage look good enough to eat.

Our Geranium varieties are sending out new shoots and foliage although some of the varieties still look dormant or dead until they are examined more closely.  Some varieties of Hellebores are looking fabulous at the moment especially the newer varieties with their abundant flowers.  I especially like 'Mrs Betty Ranicar' a lovely double white flowered variety and 'Tutu' with the flowers like lots of ballet dresses.

The Hepaticas are looking good with their blue or lavender flowers and are ideal in any shaded situation.  We have Hepatica nobilis and Hepatica 'Blue Jewel', the latter being a stronger growing variety.  The later flowering Hamamelis 'Aphrodite' is still in flower with its more unusual burnt orange coloured flowers.  Some of the Iris lazica are at last flowering, very late this year as they are usually flowering by January!

I only hope that the sleet and snow that has been forecast for this week doesn't damage the new foliage that is just starting to unfurl whilst it is at such a tender stage of growth. Plants are at least one month behind at present and with the weather that's forecast for this week I can't see that they are going to catch up any time soon.
Posted: 28/03/2010 18:01:13 by Catherine Sanderson