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Christmas Swags

Christmas Swags
Thirteen people had a thoroughly good time making a swag for Christmas yesterday at a workshop held at Caths Garden Plants given by Cath and Bob Sanderson.
A good time was had by all, at least that is what the people attending a workshop held at Caths Garden Plants said yesterday afternoon.  They were shown some of the tricks of the trade and skills needed to make a swag for Christmas.  The swags can be hung on a door or even used as an indoor table decoration.  Starting with a spray tray and oasis everyone created their own personal swag after a demonstration by Bob. There was lots of choice of natural materials including green and berried holly, eleagnus, garryia, golden leylandii and spruce as well as fir cones and clematis seed heads.

Red silk poinsettia flowers and white Christmas roses were also available although most of the participants preferred the more natural look.  Cath was on hand to ensure that everyone felt comfortable and confident, advising where necessary.  It was interesting to look at all the finished swags as they were all so different even though everyone had been given the same starting point.

A table decoration using a bottle was also completed.  This could be used as a centrepiece or against a wall.  One advantage is that using a candle in the centre is quite a safe option as the greenery is not likely to catch fire.  Drinks, mincepies and a chat were also enjoyed by all those who took part.
Posted: 01/12/2009 15:28:23 by Andy Hope