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Nursery news for April

At last plants are starting to grow!
Thank goodness for the sunny weather that we have had at last.  It felt as though spring was never going to arrive this year as the temperatures have not been much higher on many days than we have had during the winter months.  Even though it is forecast for the temperatures to drop again at the weekend at least we have had some lovely blue skies to cheer us up and enable us to get more jobs done in the garden.

We have almost been able to see the plants growing on a daily basis especially after a shower of rain.  The Paeonias are growing well and starting to show their lovely shiny new leaves.  It is a good idea to wander around and look at plants at this time of year rather than just when they are in flower as many of them also produce attractive foliage which extends their season of interest.  Paeonia 'Schwarz Peter' produces foliage that is almost black!

If you have shady areas then spring is definately the time to come along and look for some interesting plants as many plants that love to grow in shade flower in spring before the leaf canopy becomes too dense.  Blue and white flowers tend to predominate in spring unless you choose Primulas which come in a wide range of colours.  Image right Omphalodes 'Cherry Ingram'

We have been extremely busy sending out parcels by mail order over the last few weeks as our Barnhaven primulas were mentioned in a recent issue of the RHS The Garden magazine.  Although the article didn't say all the images shown were taken at our nursery the previous year.  It is great to see the Barnhaven primulas growing in popularity again as they are such long lived plants that can provide lots of colour either in the border or in containers.  Just lift and split in spring, after flowering, every 3 - 4 years and they will probably last you a lifetime!  
Posted: 23/04/2015 19:10:01 by Catherine Sanderson