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Still snowed up in January!

08 January 2010
Staff are unable to get to the nursery to re-open in the New Year as the snow fall in Cumbria in higher than in parts of Lancashire.  Outdoor plants are covered with snow and working conditions are unsafe.
Caths Garden Plants should have re-opened on Wednesday, 6 January but the inclement weather has made this an impossibility.  The hotel drive has been iced over and being on a slope has been treacherous with visitors to the hotel having to park and walk up the drive.  Bob has visited the nursery to check on conditions and feed the birds but everything is covered with a thick layer of snow.  Luckily the tunnel is still standing after Bob managed to dislodge up to 9" of snow off the sagging plastic. 

Plants inside the tunnel and greenhouse have ben protected from the worst of the conditions but those outside may suffer badly.  Although the plants are hardy when planted if their roots freeze for too long in the pots and they are unable to get water they will die of dehydration.  Like you we will have to wait patiently and see what the future holds and how long the cold weather lasts.  At least we are catching up with the paperwork.  Apologies to anyone who has been trying to get hold of us.  We will be open as soon as the weather improves.