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Hello Friends

 Just a quick newsletter to let you all know we are still here. After a very busy autumn and winter working on various planting and garden schemes we have been hard at work over the last few weeks getting the sales beds stocked up with plants for the new season and Rachel has been busy potting around 4000 young plants in a couple of hundred varieties which will be ready for sale during May and June.We have a lot of recent introductions from the UK,Europe and America this year.Of particular note are Eryngium 'Blue Waves' from Hilliers, and Gillenia trifoliata Pink Profusion' from Holland.We have increased the ranges of the ever popular Agapanthus,Astrantias and Geraniums and now have 4 different varieties of Elizabeth Mcgregors Swan Anemones raised in Scotland.We are also growing 8 recently introduced Iris sibirica varieties including some of the Peacock range from the USA with colours never seen before in sibiricas.Our Paeonia plants are growing away fast with 7 new varieties added to our range. We also have newer introductions of Epimediums,Phlox,Primroses,Salvias and Thalictrum among others. 


We will be open 6 days a week, Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm to the end of July and then probably go back to 5 days a week form August but please check nearer the time. Depends on how many planting projects we end up with for the coming autumn. 





Design work

Over the past year we have been and still are involved with a number of garden design schemes in both private gardens and public spaces and this seems to be coming a much greater part of our work load. So much so that we did not do any shows last year and will not be doing any this year . We are happy to take on other design work, either full garden schemes or just a small border but please contact us earlier rather than later if you want anything for later this year. 


Bulbs and wildflower plugs.

We are now able to supply to order a range of bulbs for naturalising including wild daffodils from a cultivated source, native bluebells, wood anemones and fritillarias plus a wide selection of wild flower plants or plugs depending on quantity.  Please give us a call or email if you are interested. 


More to come from us soon on the new varieties we have coming on.
Hope all of you have  a good year and look forward to seeing you in the future.     Rachel, Bob and Cath..